Our Values

At The Handymate we care about our clients.

We understand how valuable your time is and how hard you work to maintain your property in optimal conditions. From the time you contact us, to the time we complete your project, we provide certainty by delivering top-notch communication at every step of your project.

At The Handymate we care about your time.

We show up on time 100% of the time and provide the highest professional quality workmanship. If something doesn’t look right, we fix it – no questions asked.

At The Handymate we care about your property.

We take time to prep and protect before starting work, and we clean after ourselves. What’s the point of having something fixed or improved if something else is going to get damaged?

At The Handymate we are mindful.

We understand the hassle of having to have people in your space when repairs or improvements are needed. We make sure to get in and out as fast as possible, without sacrificing quality of work.

At The Handymate we are not only in the repair and improvement business; we are also in the people business. And we care.

We’re a company who cares about your home